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Iskeen Consultancy

Welcome to Iskeen Consultancy. We care for our patients and give them reliable consultation, visa assistance as well as emergency services for better quality treatment, faster, simpler, and better. 

Say goodbye to all the misinformation and hustling to get basic healthcare right. With us, you will have access to certified both local and international hospitals. In addition to that, you will get consultation services you need. 


Our Services

These are the services we provide



We offer quality, timely and affordable health services to patients and match them to healthcare specialists within and outside the country

Visa Assistance


We offer credible advice to patients and assist them throughout the whole process. 



We offer a first emergency response to keep patients alive until they arrive at hospital.

Access good



Our app gives you the best health care-facilties  Somaliland, Turkey, Malaysia, India and China.

Access your Patient Data Safely online

All your information will be kept on your account, we will share it with hospitals so they can give you the best treatment plan.

Chart & Stethoscope

Our International Partners 


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Phone: (+252) 0634033001


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Address: Road 1King Plaza ,1st floor 

Near Hargiesa Group Hospital 


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